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Brand-New Expressions and Non-Stop Explorations!
We are in search of unique dreams and hidden gems.
Brand-New Expressions
and Non-Stop Explorations!
We are in search of
unique dreams and hidden gems.

What is

We at hololive production host auditions to spot new talents with a wide array of outstanding characteristics.

Those who pass our audition process will be provided with various curricula to help them debut as a hololive production talent.

We will create a culture that is loved all around the world. We are looking for colleagues to march together through the journey and achieve that goal.

We look forward to the applications of those with determination and passion as entertainers and talents that are not bound to only live streaming.


Main Requirements

Must be aged 18 or older.

Nationality and gender of the applicant do not matter.

Should have clear goals set in their minds.

Welcome Skills

*If you meet at least one of the following criteria, it will be a big plus. You can still apply even if you do not meet any.

  • Experience as a streamer.
  • Ability to speak Japanese on a native level, and English or any other language on a business level.
  • Experience as an entertainer such as a singer, an actor/voice actor, a dancer/choreographer, a musician/member of a band, a stand-up comedian, etc.
  • Any other exceptional skills or experiences that can live up to your streaming career.

Other Requirements

  • Able to continue activities on an ongoing basis.
  • Not currently affiliated with an entertainment agency, label, or other similar agency; or, if currently affiliated with such agency, should be able to end or terminate their contract at their own risk once they pass the audition.
  • Able to comply with our company's rules and regulations regarding the audition process.

Audition Process


Review of your application


Multiple interviews and tests



* Audition process may be revised in the future.


  • The audition will be free of cost.
  • Any expenses and costs, such as transportation fees during the audition process, should be paid by the applicants.
  • Ensure you provide us with a contact that we can reach you. If your contact is invalid, we cannot provide you with the details of the audition process.
  • We will not return any documents attached to your application.
  • Please note that passing the audition does not guarantee your debut as a hololive production talent.
  • We do not accept any inquiries regarding the audition process and its result.